"I've been working with Kathryn for about 18 months, first as an executive at a digital agency, and then as a new business owner. What I especially appreciate about Kathryn is her ability to cut through the noise and focus on the bigger picture in the most authentic, empowering and wonderful way. She is both a fearless truth-teller and a gentle motivator . Whether you're in transition or looking to invigorate your current career situation, I highly recommend Kathryn."

Laura Porto Stockwell

Chief Strategy Officer at lauraps.com and Strat School

“Kathryn Saxer provided excellent assistance when I was preparing for a major interview. Her insights and questions immediately highlighted the core place I’d been stuck and reframed it as a solvable challenge. She provided efficient coaching that was tailored for my unusual background and the specific details of the job. She helped me prepare in detail for the interview questions I found difficult, and be confident about spending less energy on areas of strength. The interview was successful and I’m now enjoying a new high-level role.”


Seattle, WA

“Since I started working with Kathryn my self confidence has gotten a major boost and I have dealt with baggage that was holding me back professionally and personally. Kathryn is sincerely concerned about the success of her clients. She is very good at being an advocate while also challenging you to get the most out of yourself. Kathryn comes with my highest recommendation.”

Ken Caruso

Director, Product Development, Oracle

“Kathryn is an incredible coach! I was feeling stuck in the same industry and needed help figuring out what I wanted to do when I "grew up." I walked out of every session feeling energized and excited about what my next steps were in my career search. Kathryn kept the process simple and easy. I love the fact that she has been on the corporate side so she understood my situation. She is very straight forward and tells you what you need to hear. She truly gave me the confidence and courage to find what was right for me and also what I deserve. I absolutely love what I'm doing now and have Kathryn to thank! I highly recommend her...worth every penny to find what you are meant to do.”

Erin Harvey

Media Sales Manager at Seattle Seahawks

“Kathryn has been so great to work with. I sought her out when I was frustrated with my job and my career after having felt like I'd painted myself into a corner. After even the first meeting with her, I told her I felt like I was on my last day of school before the summer break. A weight had been lifted from me and I started to see all the possibilities available. She helped me see them and break out of my normal habits, create new habits and new ways of looking at things. She is highly skilled in listening and asking probing questions and makes you understand that YOU knew the answers all along, you just needed to look past the end of your nose. I highly recommend Kathryn to anyone stuck in a rut, making a transition or major change.”

Denise Busch

HR Director, Seattle, WA

“I recommend Kathryn without reservation. Working with her was both pleasurable and extremely productive. A good coach will help you turn experience into possibilities, thinking into doing. Kathryn goes farther. She is practiced in the subtle art of reading temperament, interests and apprehensions. The result, she deftly leads you past can't and won't to a very optimistic can and will--the most important process in figuring out what's next.”

Dr. Paul Rasmussen, Ph.D.

Strategic Communications Consultant, Published Author

“I worked with Kathryn for 2 years and am still in regular contact with her even after our professional engagement ended. Kathryn was always an attentive ear and my faithful supporter through a challenging work experience. Her advice and empathy definitely helped me take the next step in my career. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a professional advisor and advocate!”

Elaine Chen

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Socrata

“Kathryn's approach to professional coaching is grounded and practical. She has a broad range of knowledge and is expert in scoping an engagement to exactly fit your needs. If you are mid-career and looking to level up, I highly recommend Kathryn.”

Tres Henry

Director of User Experience, Nebula, Seattle, WA

I highly recommend Kathryn as a professional coach. She employs a personal, strategic, and patient approach to help you improve your life and career. She is accessible and encouraging. I felt like she completely had my back and pushed me out of my comfort zone to my benefit. I have a great new job and I know I'll be reaching out to Kathryn when my career takes twists and turns in the future.

Kate McMahan

EEO Adviser, Seattle City Light, Seattle, WA

Changing course in the middle of my 20+ year career seemed daunting and difficult, yet Kathryn's calm steady guidance helped me find the confidence and courage I needed. With her help, I was able to hone in on what it was I really want to do with my life and then work the plan she helped me create for myself. I set out to play a big game when I hired Kathryn, and I couldn't have asked for a better coach to help me get me across the finish line.

Scott Weimer

Relationship Development Officer, Treehouse, Seattle, WA

I found Kathryn an invaluable ally as I began the process of redefining and redirecting my career path after a few years out of the workforce. She asks tough questions in the kindest possible way, and was always looking for tangible actions I could take to move forward. She helped me to put my self-doubts aside and concentrate on what I had accomplished and what I have to offer without letting me sell myself short.

Wendy Simons

Public policy analyst, Portland, OR

Kathryn is an amazing coach who really kept me on track, motivating me when I needed it, boosting my self confidence when it lagged, and reminding me how awesome I really am. She kept me on task, offered some excellent tactics and ideas, and developed my career skills. One of the things that most impressed me about Kathryn was her ability to really assist me in framing important ideas and communications. I am confident that my new job was due in part to Kathryn's excellent coaching!

Robin Nussbaum

Diversity specialist, Washington Bar Association, Seattle, WA

When I first met Kathryn, I was uncertain of my professional identity and had only a vague sense of my goals. Kathryn helped me break through some of my own barriers by challenging my assumptions and encouraging me to recognize my strengths and desires. Over the course of several months, I was able to articulate concrete professional goals and multiple paths to achieve them. I am not sure I would have arrived at this place without Kathryn’s support. She remained curious and expanded my view, becoming a friend along the way.

Lisa Voight

Performance Manager at King County, Seattle, WA

Kathryn brings a great balance and empathy to her coaching. As a former corporate employee, she brings firsthand experience to challenging career and workplace issues, which is balanced by wisdom gained through her own career transition. In her coaching she is able to tease out underlying themes, patterns, and root causes that often go well beyond the narrow boundaries of a specific situation, but never loses sight of the need to help her clients address those immediate concerns. In a word, she keeps it real. She's a great coach, and an even better person."

Doug Glazer

Group Manager, Nordstrom, Seattle, WA

I began working with Kathryn in the fall of 2012 and her coaching had an immediate impact on my life and direction. At the time I was beginning to strategize a major career/life shift, and during my first meeting with her she was able to help me see that the only thing holding me back was my own fear. Within weeks of our first meeting, I gave notice at work, began networking with others in a completely new field of work, and had taken definitive steps toward realizing a dream I had put on the back burner for many years. Since then, Kathryn has provided much appreciated support and encouragement while for the first time in my life I let the future unfold without having a master plan. Through it all she has asked provocative and insightful questions that have helped me clarify my vision and, even though the work is still unfolding, I’m now confidently living the dream that so recently seemed out of reach. It’s hard to believe it has only been a few months since our first meeting. It’s a joy to work with her and I highly recommend her.

Maya Opavska(former!) 

Content Publishing Manager, Microsoft, Seattle, WA

Kathryn has been awesome as a partner in helping me work through a major transition period in my career and in my personal life. As I took on a new job that in a sense was my "dream job" and found myself not doing as well as I'd hoped, and trying to balance that with having 2 very young (pretty much brand new) kids, she has been indispensable in helping me reset priorities and set challenging but achievable goals for my self professionally and personally. I'd highly recommend her for anyone looking for someone to help isolate root causes, find a direction, create a strategy and otherwise get a good kick in the rear-end when you need it.

Jeff Jarrard

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft, Seattle, WA

I have always had self-awareness and energy to recover from disappointments and push on regardless along a challenging career path. But your practical advice and solid perspective gave me resolve and courage to expect more and go far beyond what I did in the past. Seeking new opportunities for myself and others is now natural instead of terrifying.

M. K.

Seattle, WA

Kathryn’s personable yet direct approach got me organized and headed in the right direction after just a few meetings. Her ability to establish challenging yet ultimately attainable goals helped me tackle the beginning stages of a job search that would have otherwise been an overwhelming experience. I am very happy to have worked with Kathryn and thoroughly appreciated her observations and advice.

Katelyn Melvey

Seattle, WA

Working with Kathryn, I was able to find the courage and confidence to change my work life completely. Kathryn's guidance, integrity, steadfast optimism, and consistent coaching helped me to redefine who I am at my job, and how that job intersects with the rest of my life. I'm happier in my career today than I've been in a long time, and I believe I have her to thank for helping me get here.

Noelle Barnes

Senior Manager, Getty Images, Seattle, WA

Cut to the chase: Kathryn’s superpower is reminding you that you have one, too. If you’re as confused as I was, Kathryn can help you find the keys to your own Batcave.

Frank Rogan

Senior Producer, Seattle, WA

Within two sessions, Kathryn gave me ‘permission’ to find and use my own value system to make decisions. This was something I had not allowed myself to do before and it was exhilarating. My work with Kathryn has changed the way I approach choices and decisions in every aspect of my life.

Lynnette Bradbury

Business manager, Seattle, WA

Your coaching really does help me, and others I am sure, see the things they want to make important to their lives….and reminds us of what we really want out of our time here. Thank you for your coaching, and the post, K!

T. K.

Seattle, WA

My work with Kathryn was stellar. She guided me through a process of examining many areas of my life and career and helped me to find answers, or at least which questions to ask next. I highly recommend working with Kathryn. She is smart, funny, articulate, thoughtful and direct.

Deena McCloskey

Creative Consultant, Seattle, WA

The amazing thing about Kathryn (among many) is that she has consistently been the kind of person with whom you could have a meaningful, heartfelt discussion. There is immediate trust because she creates an atmosphere of safety & caring. I know there is nothing I can’t bring to the table and have it taken seriously because there is no judgment. What Kathryn does do is help you examine questions & concerns by gently pulling apart the issue to reach the root cause. This helps solve current problems as well as establishing new patterns of behavior for the future. Kathryn is very clear about the parameters of the coaching relationship and does not give advice beyond her scope or expertise. In other words, she won’t pretend to know something she doesn’t which is honest, brave & demonstrates high integrity. Working with her is a pleasure and has made a very positive impact on my life.

S. B.

Seattle, WA

Kathryn helped me work through some tough times. She helped me create a solid long term plan and gave me the confidence to act on it. Talking through my problems took a huge burden off my shoulders and made my path that much more clear. I found talking to her made my day much nicer and confiding in her was easy to do. With her help I was able to get through those rough times and I am now in a much happier place.

John Reese

Austin, TX

My session with Kathryn was fun and invigorating. Kathryn has such a warm and genuine countenance, I found it easy to establish a trusting connection very quickly and really talk with her. Working with her it was clear early in our session the direction I needed to go with things in my life. In retrospect I knew this already, but sometimes you know where you want to go but you don’t know how to get there. Kathryn was able to give me the gentle nudge I needed to turn intention into action and that is something of very great value. I left inspired and excited to move forward toward my goals!

Mark Ainsworth

Seattle, WA

Kathryn asked if I would be willing to do one thing. I said I would. She then asked, “Would you be willing to simply tune your guitar?” This one simple question, this one simple request altered my relationship to my guitar and more, importantly, to music. It was what I needed: one small step of action that led that many small steps of action. My journey continues.

Karyn Lazarus

Organizational Development Faculty, Antioch University Seattle, WA

Who knew talking about uncomfortable topics could be fun with the right person!

Anne Szeto

Seattle, WA

I told her I would self-sabotage the process, because that was my pattern. She simply said, ‘Let’s just change the pattern,’ and it was as if a forgotten light bulb suddenly popped on. Really? You could do that? I could!”

F. R.

Seattle, WA

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