Kathryn Saxer

Career management coach/executive coach

“You cut through the noise,” a client told me. “When I sat down I was so confused, and now I see a path forward.”

I am  a Professional Certified Coach with many thousands of hours of coaching experience.  My clients tend to be mid-career, and either want to accelerate their current career track, or they want to do something completely different.  

As a coach, I tend to be very pragmatic and action-oriented. I'm interested in how to elicit change and desired results for my clients using evidence-based coaching methods. We start big picture and quickly develop tangible goals, identify next steps, talk through hurdles, debrief, and iterate. Although we are focused on your career, non-work-related issues are also relevant – the other side of the work/life balance.

My coaching is informed by my marketing career in corporate America (while raising small children), my education and training, and by my own career transitions from journalism, to corporate marketing, to building my own coaching practice.

I hold an MBA from the University of Washington (2002) and a graduate certificate in Organizational Development from Antioch University (2010), and am certified with the International Coaching Federation.

“I feel optimistic,” a client said after a coaching session in my office. “I don’t feel stuck anymore.”