Old Excuses

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Self Care

I bumped into a favorite coaching client of mine yesterday. He exclaimed, “Guess where I’ve been!”
I hadn’t a clue. I was feeling a little down, a little self defeated. My last day with Amazon is today and maybe I was feeling a little shaky about what I was walking away from.
My client said, “I just got back from the gym!” He looked so happy, so sparkling. Gorgeous.
And my clouds lifted.
This client and I had talked during our last session about how important working out is to him, how good it makes him feel.  How happy it makes him.
But he had lots of reasons why he doesn’t as he balances a demanding job and family.
“I started thinking that those were all old excuses,” he said. “So I went to the gym, and worked out, and signed up for a year.”
He made my day. And I’m on firm ground again: yes, this path I’ve started walking down is the right one.