A Favorite Day

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Self Care

I had a birthday this week. Birthdays used to be more exciting somehow. But well-wishers hoped that I would do something special. So I decided to make it a favorite day.
Highlights included writing in my favorite café, running with my daughter on her bike in the sunshine, and making pancakes with the kids for dinner. Lowlights included freezing my ass off at the playground and getting the kids to clean the playroom.
It was the best day ever.
The thing is, nothing I did was super special: I frequently write in my favorite café and go running with my daughter and make pancakes. The only thing that was different was my intention to make it a favorite day.
Which made me think: what would it take to make (nearly) every day a favorite day?
Too asinine? Seriously, as a thought experiment: What would it take?