100 Pieces of Clothing

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Self Care

I once read about somebody who intentionally limited their wardrobe to 100 pieces of clothing. I want that.
Imagine the simplicity.
The space.
So this afternoon I purged my closet. My partner was not supportive. “Why would you throw away perfectly good clothes?” he asked. (This from a man who has issues throwing away old newspaper.) I’m not throwing them away, I’m recycling. I got most of them from Goodwill, they’re just going back for another round.
I collected six garbage bags of nice clothes. Ruthlessly.
If you don’t count undergarments, pajamas, or coats, I now have a grand total of 90 items in my closet. Plus camping clothes, but I’m going to store those in the basement so they don’t count.
It gets worse: I arranged tops with bottoms so I’ve got canned outfits all ready to go. Six of them. Anything that didn’t have a corresponding match got chucked.
I started to save a bag of “skinny” clothes, but then just fucking threw them on the pile. It felt GREAT.