Three Reasons I'm a Stud

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Self Care

1. I passed another runner today. I *never* pass anyone. People pass me walking in the other direction. Part of the reason I’m so slow (she says defensively) is that I’m running almost barefoot (read Born to Run if you haven’t already, it will forever change how you look at running shoes), and the other reason is that I have chondromalaysia patella (as I’m sure many of you old ultimate players also have) and was told by an orthopedic quack I mean doctor that I’d never run again. Hence the bare feet. But anyway, I passed this woman running the same direction I was. Could you hear the Chariots of Fire music, too?
2. I bought a new pair of pants. In a larger size. I’d been wearing jeans that haven’t fit right since before business school, and I’d been feeling kind of fat in that low-grade anxious way that maybe you can relate to. So I bought a new pair of pants one size up. And I feel SKINNY. They’re nice and loose around my waist and make me feel so FIT. Much easier than going on that sugar-free diet I’ve been contemplating. My partner’s response to this is that he doesn’t want a fat wife, which is clearly grounds for divorce.
3. I cut off my hair. The witchy pony tail is GONE. My 7-year-old son says the new haircut looks “Stupid. Too ridiculously cute.” Which I take as the best compliment ever, even if he didn’t mean it that way.