Dreadful Questions

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Career Transition

Helping clients identify and prepare for Dreadful Questions is pretty foundational to my coaching practice. It’s pretty simple, but it gets in front of all kinds of confidence issues, career limiting habits, Impostor Syndrome — I could keep going. Having a good story prepared helps you short cut around those issues. I decided to write this column in the first person — about myself — so I could be transparent about my thought process. I wanted to show from the inside how empowering it is to have a good story prepared: Don’t let dreaded questions tie you up in knots.
Seattle Times, February 5, 2018
The room was full of software engineers and technologists. I was on stage to talk about confidence and imposter syndrome (both very coachable, by the way).
Those engineers were looking at me skeptically. They were ready to eat me alive.
“Bring it on,” I thought to myself. I flipped to the first slide of my presentation, projected in large, bold font on the screen behind me:
Who am I and how do I have credibility to coach executives in industries I know nothing about?… (Read the rest of this story at The Seattle Times.)