Care and Feeding of Confidence

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Career Management

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I received an email from a father asking me if I would be willing to meet with his two daughters, ages 14 and 21.
He was hoping I could share “general life lessons” on focus, hard work, grit or any other points to become successful in life, like self-confidence and coming out of the comfort zone.
I was touched by this father’s email. It was loving and proud, and he wants so much for his girls. Although 14- and 21-year-olds aren’t my typical client profile, I agreed to meet with them.
“I like to think of confidence as being comfortable in your own skin,” I told those lovely young people. “Comfortable in your opinions. Comfortable in your mastery of your field or craft.”
For most of us, a sense of confidence is not something that just happens. “You need to nurture that confidence, that comfortable-ness,” I told them…
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