Break Your Phone!

Kathryn Crawford Saxer A Little Kindness

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I watched my phone slip through my fingers, flip in the air and land face down on the concrete. I knew it was going to be bad.
The screen was shattered. A shard of glass stabbed my finger when I tried to swipe the screen. My phone spent a week in the shop.
This is what I learned in its absence:

  • I read more. I finished one of the nonfiction, work-related books that I’ve been meaning to read forever. (I even learned something!)
  • I slept more. I fell asleep reading with the light on, rather than getting riled up — and sleepless — as I scrolled through my feeds.
  • I could feel the addiction. Patting for my phone felt exactly like the draw of coffee in the morning or a drink at the end of the day: a habit to keep a careful eye on…

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