Corporate Kryptonite

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Career Transition

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Seemingly innocuous questions can be like kryptonite to a professional looking to transition into a new role or career.
These are the landmine questions, the gotchas, the facile questions that cause you to stumble and lose confidence at events, happy hours, skip levels and networking coffees. I call them Dreadful Questions.
Over the years as a career coach, I’ve collected six Dreadful Questions. I’ve written here about the First Dreadful; this column is about the Second Dreadful:
“So, what kind of work are you looking for?”
Seems like a straightforward question. But what if you don’t actually know what you want to do next? Or what if you feel like an impostor saying it out loud? What if they laugh? Or shake their head in bemusement and judgment?…
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