The Doll in the Window

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Career Management

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The little girl was looking in the window of Mighty Mouse Toys, pulling on her mom’s hand, pointing at the beautiful dolls. She was maybe 7 years old.
“We can go in there,” her father told her, his tone harsh and mean and loud. “But if you ask for anything, you’ll get spanked.”
As I walked to my office across Pioneer Square, I could hear the parents arguing, the child crying. That man may be managing difficult stresses in his life, but oh, his little girl was crying.
I thought to myself, “She’s going to grow up afraid to ask for what she wants.”
I see that in my office as coaching clients struggle with how to ask for that promotion, how to ask for that project, how to ask for more money. How to ask for what they want.
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