The $20,000 Ask

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Career Management

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A beloved coaching client was looking to branch out to something new after 20 years in her field. And she wanted a shorter commute. “My commute’s an hour on a good day,” she told me.
“Also, I’m going to need help with negotiating the offer,” she said. “I’m really nervous about that.”
In due time, she was in final interviews with a couple of organizations in different industries.
“Any updates?” I emailed her, checking in. (I worry if I don’t get updates.)
“Yes! I’m a finalist for a director role at X,” and she named a company located not far from her house. “It’s a new industry for me, and the people I met with seem to enjoy working together and are respectful — which are both incredibly important to me.”
A couple of days later, she told me she had an offer in hand.
“I won’t be happy with myself if I don’t counter because I tend to shy away from negotiating and then kick myself for it later when I find out that I’m making less than others,” she said. “Story of my career.”
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