Interviews Are Not Therapy Sessions

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Career Management

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I was at a party, half listening to a guy talk about an upcoming interview.
“I’m just going to be myself,” he said confidently. “I’m going to show them the good and the bad.” He’s a newly minted lawyer with no work experience. He’s never had an interview for a professional role.
I sipped my wine, admired the view, and kept quiet.
“There are aspects of my personality that can rub people the wrong way,” he explained. “I want to forewarn them so I know I’m a good fit if they hire me.”
I couldn’t stay quiet after all.
“You are treating this job interview like a therapy appointment,” I observed mildly. “It’s great to explore your shadow side in therapy; possibly less constructive to do so in a job interview.”
That stopped the conversation.
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