Talking to Old Men

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Career Transition

This is my January 15 column in The Seattle Times: Uncertain of your next step? Talk to your future self)
I like this story because it shows how easy a useful question can be. A friend, spouse, sibling, parent, or passing skier can ask: “Best case and with a little luck, you’ll be an old man/woman someday. What does he/she want you to do right now?” 
I went skiing the other day and talked to old men.
The first was lying in the snow. The way he was lying there, struggling to get up, didn’t seem right so I skied over to see if I could help.
“This is so embarrassing,” he said as he fell back into the icy snow. He was maybe late-70s, maybe a great skier when he was younger. Something didn’t seem right.
“Let me get ski patrol for you,” I suggested. “They’ll be happy to come — it’ll give them something to do.”
He reluctantly agreed and I skied down the mountain as quickly as I could. (Can you hear my kids rolling their eyes?)… (Read the rest of this story at The Seattle Times)