A Room of My Own

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Career Management

Years ago, in one of my first coaching classes, a beloved Master Coach asked me to describe my future office where I would do meaningful work.
I could see it clearly in my mind’s eye: an open window letting in a warm breeze, a green view of trees and grass, a hint of blue sea in the distance.
This week, I signed the lease on my own office.
This is the view:

View from my office window

View from my office window

I am delighted with my view of green dumpsters. I feel like a something out of Virginia Wolf, with a room of my own. No more coffee shops, no more scrambling for conference rooms at the (very wonderful) coworking space where I’ve been for the last year.
My own professional coaching office.
It’s bright yellow.
I’m always going to have fresh flowers in my office. And maybe a rocking chair.
I don’t have a view of green fields and distant sea yet, but my dumpsters are a step in the right direction.
My office building in the southeast corner of the ID

1225 South Weller Street, Suite 430 Seattle, WA 98144