I Got It

Kathryn Crawford Saxer Career Management

“I got it.”
That’s a nice email to see in my inbox.
A coaching client has just landed a job doing work that matters to him at an organization you’ve heard of and respect.
(It can be done.)
“Thanks for everything you’ve done for me,” my client emailed. “I would have never have done what I needed to do to get this before we worked together.”
Next time I see him, I’ll ask him what he means.
I’ve been thinking about what I think he means. It has to do with confidence.
Our confidence can lose its way over the years. It can get trampled by a tough job search or a bad boss, bruised by a boring job, or simply left behind on the safe road.
Coaching can help us pick our confidence back up, brush it off, and try it on again. And practice wearing it until it fits again.
Coaching can help us dare.
So we can say, “I got it.”