Group Coaching

I offer group coaching to explore the question: How do you want your life to evolve by the end of December 2013?

The content of the group coaching model follows my Heart’s Desires curriculum:

  • We explore the pieces of your life that you want to pay attention to. You have changes you want to make, experiences you want to add, energy drains you want to close. What are they?
  • Your goals for your life in 2013 will naturally group into categories that make sense to you. We all have different categories. We talk through them together, share ideas, see bigger visions than if we do this alone.
  • You become crystal clear about why each piece is important.  ”Need to” and “should” aren’t good enough.
  • We celebrate the physical form of the list of our Heart’s Desires together. Show off how cool it is.
  • And then we track what we do with it over time, through the end of the year.

Group coaching or individual coaching?

  • Group coaching offers insight into other people’s lives, challenges, successes and failures. Connection between group members is comforting, rewarding, and be very creative.
  • In individual coaching, the focus is entirely on you.
  • In group coaching, you share the coach’s attention with other people. This can be something of a relief, if individual coaching feels intense.
  • Accountability is very high in group coaching. It’s one thing to tell your coach you bailed, quite another to tell a group of people you’ve committed to.

What makes a good group?

  • A good group is kind.
  • Diversity is always a good thing. I may do some intentional grouping around shared challenges and perhaps gender, but otherwise diversity around age, sexuality, and race only adds wisdom to the group. Since the coaching is about you, polarizing differences like religion and politics don’t really matter.
  • Having friends join your group is great. It just increases the accountability and intimacy within friendships.


  • Groups meet once a month for two hours
  • Maximum five people per group
  • Fee is $100/month (no fee for the initial, introductory session)
  • Informal commitment through December 2013
  • Groups meet in person in Seattle or via telephone.

Contact me to register for a group starting next month or for further information.