2013 Desires

A friend asked me what my goals are for my coaching practice.

I looked at her blankly. “I don’t know,” I said.

“Maybe you should think about it,” she said archly.

Of course I have goals for my business. But I wasn’t paying attention to them, other than the financials. They weren’t written down. I wasn’t tracking them.

I began thinking about what I want to change in 2013. After all, things will change one way or another over the course of the year. So what changes do I actively want – for my life, my family, my coaching practice, my health – in 2013? What would make it a great year?

I began paying attention.

And goals began surfacing in my consciousness. When they did, I wrote them down. I stopped in the middle of a run, in the middle of dishes, to write down a goal before it drifted below the surface again.

And I realized these aren’t really goals. What I was writing down were desires.

To me, goals feel onerous, like work, like a To Do list. My desires for 2013 make me feel happy.

I wrote down what makes me feel happy about each desire. So I remember. So I pay attention. So that in December I can look at the list and know that I paid attention to my heart’s desires this year.

I organized these desires into categories that matter to me:

  • My coaching practice
  • My writing
  • My health
  • My children
  • My friends
  • My adventures
  • My intellectual-ness
  • My home
  • And, very beloved, My marriage

I taped this list of desires into the front of the composition notebook I use as my daytimer. Where I see it every day. And am reminded what is important to me.

There is something special about this process. This isn’t about New Year’s resolutions or self improvement.

It’s about listening to my heart’s desires.

One of my desires for my coaching practice is to develop an additional income source.  And just like that, this process has opened up a group coaching model.

Where I help others pay attention to their hearts’ desires in 2013.