Are You Ready Yet?

I have a favorite coaching client who talks me up to a friend of hers. My client thinks I could help him make some positive changes in his life.

“I’m not ready yet,” her friend says. “Not yet.”

I know I could help – I’m itching to help. But how do I help him, and others like him, over the hurdle of being not quite ready?

Chris Guillegeau, author of the $100 Startup, suggests a money-back guarantee. He wasn’t talking about professional coaching, but I like the incongruity: I mean, how do you define “results” in a blanket guarantee in a professional coaching engagement? What would my fine print look like?

And yet, every week I watch in awe at what my coaching clients accomplish — the changes they make in their lives once they begin articulating what they want, and what they want different.

I like Guillegeau’s suggestion. If you’re not happy with the changes you are making in your life after that first month of professional coaching, I’ll give you your money back, promptly and with no hard feelings.

Are you ready yet?

The fine print:

  1. You do what you say you’re going to do each week, or you do something else, but you do something
  2. Valid for the first month of coaching only (i.e. this doesn’t apply 3 months into our coaching engagement)
  3. Whatever else we come up with together
  4. Not valid combined with other offers (wow, that sounded official!)